An essay on what I did today…or rather didn't do.

I hate going to bed before something cool happens.   You know what I mean, right?  You get up, and you brush your teeth. Maybe you don’t change our of you pjs.  Maybe you leave the house looking crazy, and decide to run some errands. 

Or maybe, you DO change out of your PJs.  And then you really get ready.   Take your last swig of coffee and you get in the shower.  You wash your hair, which actually I hear you should always do first, then condition so that the conditioner can sit while you do the other soapy washy stuff.  I read that in Real Simple, I think.

But then you get dressed. Like really dressed. Not for prom or anything, but somehow cooler, because your not in high school anymore and prom dresses are always so lame.  Instead you dress casually, like your not expecting anything cool to happen, because then you might be trying too hard.  And nothing really cools happens when your trying.  (Its the same rule that applies when planning a big New Year’s Eve.  New Years Eve is never cool when its planned.  Sure, test my theory, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.  Although in all fairness, it usually doesn’t happen when you don’t plan anything cool, either.  At least on New Year’s Eve.  New Year’s eve might be the least cool night ever.  So, if you feel like nothing cool happened on New Year’s Eve, your not alone.  I mean, almost everyone goes to bed feeling that way.  The whole day is structured in such a way that you can’t help but have your expectations dashed, and then your staring at Ryan Seacrest wondering how long its been since Dick Clark hosted and was he better or is Ryan better??  Actually, I think I’m getting off topic.)

Back to today.  You decided to run some errands.  You think, “if I run some errands, then the cool something might just happen naturally.”  But it doesn’t .

I mean, sometimes it happens.  Like the time you ran into a friend at the coffee shop, and you guys ended up...going somewhere…..maybe?  Hmmmm.  Maybe not that.  Maybe you were walking along you had a great idea?!  About something.  Or you see something really funny and you take a picture and post it to your Instagram page.  And then, maybe later, when someone “likes” it, that will be your cool thing.  Or maybe your post goes viral nuts, and people you don't even know are "liking" it.    

Or maybe it doesn’t happen.  At all.  And you just keep waiting all day.  

And waiting.

It’s worse when the weather is nice, too.  It just feels like cool things should be happening when the weather is warm.  And the weather is always warm now with global warming.  

And before you know it, lunch is over, and didn’t taste great.  Or maybe it did taste great, but it wasn’t very healthy, and now you have that to add in the “something not cool that happened” column.  Maybe you go home, and 6 loads of laundry later, it's time to brush your teeth again.  And your day went by.  And sure, you had dinner with your neighbor or something. But that thing, that really amazing thing never happened.  And you go to bed with a bit of a feeling like there was a prophecy unrealized. 

And you think to yourself, what the heck was that all about?