Do you Sparkle?


Ok.  So, I might have oversold what this little online habitat would really have in store. 

But, as an aside, I am at least writing something - less than a month - after my initial post.  That must mean something important is happening in my ability to a.) manage a task and b.) document it.

I don't have anything truly amazing to report.  Except this: well, wait.  Wow.  That's actually quite a build up.  I think its more just a gentle musing, which is that, generally speaking, we don't really appreciate ourselves as much as we should.  I mean, we, collectively (unless you're reading this, Kanye), but more specifically, you and I.  I think its a good idea, perhaps, from time to time, to give yourself a tiny pat on the back.  I know.  You feel like you don't deserve it.  

But, instead of ridiculing yourself for not fitting into your "skinny" clothes anymore, or for having a dirty car, or because your kids keep asking you when your going to have time to do their laundry, or because it's 11:00a.m. on a Friday and you are still sitting in your pajamas answering emails (and maybe you haven't even brushed your teeth)  you decide to instead tell yourself how amazingly intelligent and witty you are.  After basking in your last medicore achievement, you are going to regal yourself  - even if it was the smallest of advancements.  Whether it be a promotion, a raise, a new job where you don't get treated like an 8 year old or even just not getting a ticket while parked at the dry cleaner (or maybe for brushing your teeth before 11:15a.m.)  You are going to show yourself a good time. Or look in the mirror and say something genuinely nice.  You are.  Or I am.  Not to you.  I mean, me to me or you to you.  You know.  Man vs. Man stuff.  Or I mean, man vs himself.  Or myself.  You know what I mean. 

And I could totally be wrong.  Perhaps you do, in fact, do a good job of giving yourself a pat on the back.   Perhaps you ARE good at giving yourself a break when you don't win first place in the "Mother of the Year" contest.  (I think we've gone over this before...I'm the long running back to back consecutive winner for the last 9 years.  Just call me Lance.)  And if you are super fantastic with applauding yourself for your fabulous ordinary life, then by all means, feel free to forget all about this little diatribe of mine.  

But....if you're not, then consider this your "You Sparkle" award.  Yup, you got it.  For doing nothing but reading this blog.  

Feels good, huh?