Women Crush Wednesday

Here it is, folks.  The dawn a new day.  I've been thinking a lot about women crushing on women.  Ever since I overheard a conversation between a very young, and gorgeous woman (lets say 21 at the most) and a super cute man that she was talking to.  He asked her about Feminism, which is either an awesome sign about the next generation, or a terrifying one.  Her response was something like this:

"yeah...I'm not really into it.  I mean, you hear people talking all the time about it, and I'm just like, you know, totally don't understand.  I mean, like, you don't hear men talking about how they aren't getting equal rights, right?"

So, before I sound like a total hypocrite, let me say that I should have given her a hug, and a business card, and asked her to call me when she graduates.  I didn't.  Shame on me.  But on the other hand, what if, in some strange parallel universe, it really isn't an issue for her.  Maybe in 20 years, when she is writing blogs (or riding around in space cars sending her messages to the masses via some mental email) and I'm getting social security (I know, hysterical right?) then female equality won't be an issue.  Maybe women all over the world will unite in one large feminist vision and men will no longer dominate the work place.  Men will cease to get paid 2x-3x times what women get paid to do the same job.  And maybe, just maybe, we women won't fight so much with one another.  Maybe we will stop complimenting each other on our hair and our outfits and start complimenting each other on masterful creation of a world where men don't think we are yelling every time we disagree.  (This is an actual thing - google it.)  Maybe.  We can only hope.

But, back in the real world - you know the one where male politicians tell women they shouldn't use birth control and women who work at home for decades caring for kids get divorced by their husbands with no savings and no part of the 401k - yeah, back here -  we women still have to boost each other up a bit.  I know I could use a little "hell yeah" here and there.  A little splitsies with a bottle of Sauv Blanc.  We women can still have buckets that need filling.

So to you ladies who didn't listen to their teachers telling them they weren't cut out for certain sports, or couldn't be a scientist.  You women who celebrate the idea that we don't have to fit a mold of little and dainty and speak quietly and elegantly.  Let's just agree to high five.  

And maybe, one day, with some ground swell and a heaping dose of estrogen, we can wake up like that beautiful 20 year old, uncertain what the whole fuss was all about.