I'd like to get a cosmic, or at least proverbially "high five" for finally getting this sucker updated.  Its only been a couple years, riding high on the last version, but I've finally stepped into the next version of myself that allows for collaboration of the virtual and real self via this hot mess of diatribe center. 


I'd like to thank everyone (or would it be more appropriate to say 'anyone') who visits the site and specifically this page.  It seems too often in life, there is simply just too much to say.  So, instead of actually saying it to anyone, I'll just take this as my private, and preferred space to do so.  Its not that I don't have the venue in my many virtual and social outlets, but instead of spraying my many countless musings on anyone's tightly managed news feed, I'd prefer to make it a bit of a buried internet-bloggy- kind-of-treasure.  Only should someone REALLY want to know what I'm thinking at this very moment, don't call me, don't text me, don't log into my facebook account and stalk me.  Come here.  Its gonna be good.